Welcome to my world

August 31, 2008

Greetings, Wonderful Reader

I’ve sat on this blog for a couple weeks now without actually producing word one. Why? I don’t hesitate to share my views via Facebook, but those rants and raves go out to (and are probably ignored by) all of 22 friends. Actually producing something that the entire Web community might stumble across and read is daunting and, for the first time in my life, I’ve felt blocked. And by that I mean my creative juices not my digestive system.

But no more! I’m going to start with this introduction and go from there, just keep typing and trust something coherent comes out of my fingers, if not my brain.

Over the course of this blog I’m going to bounce from subject to subject, depending on what is happening in my life at the time.

In doing so, I will offer comments such topics as being husband to Viking Woman (who has requested her real name not be used; I agreed, if only to keep my scrotum firmly attached); father to six adult children; writing novels: one published, one written, several others in various stages of being written; movies: drawing upon 15 years as a movie reviewer; journalism: drawing upon 20 years of writing for newspapers and magazines; travel: trips to Las Vegas and Tahiti in the pipeline; being a stranger in a strange land: a Canadian living in Napier, New Zealand; and hockey: see note about being a Canadian.

There will be other subject matter as well, of course, including my uncanny ability to not only live in a world filled with idiots but to also have the great misfortune of encountering most of them.

Where will I find the time to blog, when I’m already scrambling now to produce freelance business stories for the Hawke’s Bay Today as well as transfer my new book (“Before Columbine, before Virginia Tech … there was Clearwater”) from my brain to my computer? Haven’t the foggiest idea, actually. Less hours wasted in sleep? Less time spent in front of the TV? Laptop on lap on toilet?

This is my first blog so it’s all new and foreign. And wonderful and exciting and scary and fun. I’m going to manage this the same way I do my marriage to Viking Woman: by hanging on tight, closing my eyes … and screaming like a 12-year-old girl.

All comments and feedback most welcome but, right now, I have to work to do, writing that actually pays money. Off I go, then.



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