2010 now designated Year of the Moko. Because we’ve had quite enough of tigers, thank you very much.

December 29, 2009

While 2009 lolls on the end of the couch — dribbling and wheezing and farting, with barely enough energy to waggle its fat, greasy fingers at me — 2010 is already rubbing up against my leg, putting its scent on me, giving me the Bambi eyes, hoping I’ll take good care of it and not allow it to be all bloated and ignored like that stinky-ass ’09.

They’re so darn cute, these new years. They have to be or we’d never pay attention to them. We’d simply ignore their imploring looks, turn our backs on any significance they might be inclined to bring to our lives, and just carry on — another month-week-day, another debt, another sleep closer to the Big Sleep, when six friends will shove our mortal remains into the yawning maw of a big, black sedan.

I had great hopes for 2009, before it all went pear-shaped, before it all turned to custard. But then, I always have great hopes when the big hand meets the little hand at 12 on Dec. 31. That whole thing about one door closing meaning another, newer, shinier one is opening. The feeling usually lasts until about 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1 but, believe me, it’s good while it lasts. Short and sweet — that’s Planet Man all over.

I tend to make the same resolutions year after year, and then never lose an ounce nor win a lottery.

But 2010 is going to be different; I can feel it in my bones. Either that, or it’s going to rain.

For starters, I’m actually employed as January arrives, and that hasn’t always been the case. And I’m healthy and some people actually sorta put up with me, so it’s all good to go.

In the spirit of the upcoming event, I’ve put together a short list of things I’d like to accomplish in 2010 and, no, deleting this blog is not one of them (nice try!).

* I want to follow the example of my bestest new friend, newtowritinggirl.com, and try to write each and every day. And by write, I mean work on all those novels whose titles and first paragraphs lie scattered across my Desktop like so many balled-up pieces of A4.

I’ve joined a new virtual writing group to help me meet that goal and improve my chances of being published. This after leaving both Authonomy and You Write On when they turned out to be little more than pissing contests and stroke parties.

* I’d like to do more travel writing, starting with a return to Tahiti. Tourisme Tahiti pretty much promised me another visit this year after I missed out on a lagoon cruise in 2008. As well, there are still a number of places in this beautiful country (New Zealand, for first-time readers) to explore and write about.

* I want to expand my photography skills, starting with learning how to put a watermark on my photos so no one accidentally “borrows” them. There are a number of websites featuring people who take at least one photo every single day and I may try doing the same, although you might get sick of seeing the weeds in my back yard or my feet or the neighbour’s cat on a daily basis. (Note: What you won’t be seeing are any photos of Viking Woman from the back. I learned that painful lesson years ago and have no desire to repeat the experience.)

* I will continue to read Review 2 A Kill (review2akill.com) on a regular basis. I want to know what my daughter and her friends think about life and all its wonders. These talented and exciting people belong to the generation behind mine and whose hard-earned tax dollars will soon keep me in Depends.

* I will continue to be cheeky and irreverent and sarcastic because, hey, consistency is my middle name (I had weird parents).

If you want cold, hard facts and big, bold opinions, you can go now. But if you simply desire to be entertained, then sit yourself down, my dears, because have I a story to tell you. It all started in the year 2010 . . .


2 Responses to “2010 now designated Year of the Moko. Because we’ve had quite enough of tigers, thank you very much.”

  1. newtowritinggirl said

    Good luck with these – they’re all achieveable. I’ve been bad this mornth at writing, but will take a leaf out of your book, taking a leaf out of my book and aim to write daily in 2010!!
    Happy New Year!

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