I’m not crying. I just have sand in my eyes.

February 9, 2010

Dear Faithful Readers:

Well, that was fun. And by that I mean this whole bitemymoko blogging venture.

I leave tonight for the Cook Islands, where I will resume my too-long-dormant journalism career. To mark the occasion, I’ve decided to put this blog site on hibernation mode — meaning my Daily Photo Project 2010 ends after a mere 41 entries — in order to start a brand new one dedicated to my adventures on Rarotonga.

My new blog site is called Back to the Beach and is located at backtothebeach.wordpress.com. I’m not sure when I’ll actually make a start on it, but I promise it will be cheeky and informative and immature and frivolous — pretty much Bite My Moko with a beach. C’mon over and have some fun. The umbrella drinks are on me.

As for Bite My Moko — and the adventures of Viking Woman and Planet Man — it will return later this year. In the meantime, thanks so much for your visits and comments. They made the blogosphere a happier, warmer place to live.

Take care



One Response to “I’m not crying. I just have sand in my eyes.”

  1. Phew. I thought for a minute you were going to say you were stopping blogging. Phew. Good luck with the move, looking forward to hearing about your adventures and of course, chapter 3!!

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