Air New Zealand and I are BFF. Again.

December 5, 2011

If you’re going to whine and bitch about a company so the entire blogosphere can read about it, then it’s only fair to also post said company’s response and resolution.

Readers will recall my Nov. 20 blog which reproduced my letter to Air New Zealand in which I listed all the problems I encountered trying to fly from Vancouver to Auckland, not the least of which was an eight-hour layover in a holding cell terminal at LAX. I was basically venting and never actually expected any kind of action or even reply.

And so imagine my surprise when I received an email answer this week from a fellow named Matt McDonald, sections of which I have pasted in here:

Thank you for your email.

On behalf of Air New Zealand I do apologise for the disruption you experienced when travelling with Air New Zealand from Vancouver to Auckland.

I do appreciate your frustration and understand this must have been very inconvenient. While this flight cancellation was a very unfortunate and uncontrollable incident, Air New Zealand does have direct control over how passengers are accommodated and provided with information regarding alternative travel arrangements. When major disruptions like this occur we may rebook you on available services going via a different route, which may involve an alternative carrier for part of the journey. I do regret this involved additional transit time in Los Angeles.

It is disappointing you had such difficulty receiving information regarding the alternative travel arrangements. I am sorry you were not provided with the correct information when first calling Air New Zealand. The standard of service provided by our contact centre is concerning, especially given the circumstance around your call. Please be assured your correspondence will be passed to our Contact Centre management to review.

We expect our Airport staff to provide regular updates to passengers affected by a disrupted flight as to the new departure times or alternative arrangements made. It is disappointing to read that the level of service you received on this occasion was not of the standard we aim to provide any of our passengers. Customer feedback is an integral part of our review process. I trust therefore that your comments will be recorded and reviewed so that we may be able to better handle future disruptions out of Vancouver.

I am sorry your experience has fallen short of your expectations of Air New Zealand. I trust we will be able to restore your confidence in our service when you next travel with us.

Thank you, Mr. McDonald. Thank you, Air New Zealand. I asked for a simple apology and you have provided that in spades.

I am well and truly impressed.


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