I’m a Canadian photojournalist living in New Zealand with my wife, Viking Woman. That is not her real name, but she has threatened grievous bodily harm should her identity be revealed, so Viking Woman it is.

I’m a published author. To sample or purchase my novel, Brown Girls, go to http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1937




8 Responses to “It’s all about me!”

  1. Alice Grey said

    Dear John

    I adore your writing style and am hooked on your blog…thank you for writing!

  2. Judy Turnbaugh said

    You are such a special writer. Enjoyed your blogs.Give my love to Viking Woman. I remember the Jenny Craig diet and you too lost sooooomuch weight that I was worried about you both.
    I will have to send you pics of this place.. We can’t believe people live like this…

  3. Rufus said

    Lovin’ da blawg 😉

  4. NZRob said

    VERY glad to have stumbled upon this blog, great writing – appealing humor 🙂

  5. megan said

    you are strange but entertaining.

  6. Pamela said

    John, I would love to touch base with you via LinkedIn. It was crazy tracking you down and seeing all the writing and fun! Congrats on your book and life in New Zealand! Amazing where life takes you eh? Anyhow…drop me a line. Canuckgirl aka Pamela from the Langley Times

  7. barb glassford said

    I guess I can do e-books. You are strange but funny too. I like that in a writer. Viking Woman sounds interesting.I will take time to read more.

    • I know him, he used to work at the paper in Langley B.C. and has his words in a couple of books by some photographer or other. Those were the days!
      Anyway, your words made me chuckle like a Canuck. All the best with the sand in the shorts bit.
      Note: The author of takes no responsibility for typos/incomplete sentences and other grammatical errors contained herein.

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